Adult Insert Pad

My guard insert pad Or Bladder Control Pads with Heavy Absorbency provide effective and discreet protection for incontinence. Featuring a Wood pulp, acquisition layer and absorbent polymers for maximum fluid absorbent and control on odor, these insert pads or Bladder Control Pads keep the skin dry and healthy.  These insert pads Or Bladder Control Pads are comfortable pads for incontinence protection and bladder control. In addition to protecting against leaks incontinence pads keep moisture away from the skin, which is important for reduced Skin irritation.  Adhesive tapes in bottom to makes these incontinence pads comfortable to wear and ensures that the pad stays intact. This pad is designed to adhere to the underwear for effective leak protection.  My guard Insert Pads provide very light protection for sudden, involuntary voiding of small amounts of urine. It has an ultra-thin absorbent core, waterproof back sheet and an adhesive strip to provide a secure fit in the user’s own underwear.
Size: 550*280 mm



  1. Super Absorbent Polymer with ADL for fast distribution, retaining moisture and locking away wetness. 
  2. Standing Leak-Guards provide extra protection to prevent leakage. 
  3. Adhesive Strip for stay-in-place security 
  4. Odor-Control polymer gel quickly locks away any unpleasant odor. 


  1. Keeps the skin dry and healthy
  2. Protects against leaks and keeps moisture away from the skin,
  3. Reduced Skin irritation
  4. Comfortable to wear
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 10 cm


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