Kindfit Adult Underpad

MyGuard Underpads are super absorbent sheets designed not only to provide protection to your skin but also to your Chair, Bed, Car Seat and other Surfaces from urinary / fluid damage. It has a quilted pattern that assists in rapid fluid distribution and absorption. Disposable Underpads have extra soft top-sheet for cloth-like comfort. These can be used by elders, kids, or for post-operative care. MyGuard Underpads are disposable and can be used for one-time or until dirty. It also has a Waterproof Sheet.

Size: 60×90 cms

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  1. 100, natural fluff pulp and SAP provides superior absorption 
  2. Embossed quilted pattern for fast distribution 
  3. Waterproof back sheet 

55gm, 60gm, 800gm


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