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Why is Nel India's future of Personal Hygeine Products?

NEL Lifecare Products (India) Private Limited is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Narendra Emporis Limited. The Promoters of the “NARENDRA” Group has started its Business in Textiles since 1997 they took a prominent place in the Domestic as well as in International Market in the Textiles Business, thereafter the Promoters and Board of the Narendra Emporis Limited has decided to diversify its business into the new emerging field with modern ideas in Technical Textiles namely Converter/Manufacturing of Disposable Hygiene Products. On the basis of thorough research, latest technological advancements and in-depth analysis of our technical team, the Board has decided to introduce an Adult Care Hygiene Products such as Adult Diaper, Adult Insert Pad, Underpads with the brand name MyGuard TM to our proposed customers to help them with medical issues,


To be a respected and trustworthy supplier in the state-owned and private sector. To become a significant player on the market in the field of medical and hygiene needs. So that the client will gladly and repeatedly approach us to work with us again, due to our top-quality product, services and complex and individual approach.


To help to cure people. To provide availability of the best care possible to all people regardless. This is the core mission of NEL LIFECARE PRODUCTS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED. Our material handling procedure is very well managed by a team of experts and thus we ensure zero damage of the stored products stocked in our capacious warehousing unit.

You are Safe and Dry with Us!

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