Staybold Super Absorbent Disposable Period Panties for Women with 12 Hr Protection(L/XL) Sanitary Pad (Pack of 10)

Introducing STAYBOLD Super Absorbent Disposable Period Panties for Women – your ultimate companion for worry-free periods. This pack of 10 panties offers 12-hour protection with an integrated sanitary pad for maximum absorbency. Crafted with premium materials, these panties ensure comfort, flexibility, and leak-proof confidence. Designed for the modern woman, STAYBOLD combines style and functionality, allowing you to embrace every moment without compromise. Say goodbye to leaks and discomfort during your menstrual cycle. Order your pack now and experience the freedom to STAYBOLD – because your period shouldn’t hold you back. 9/10 girls agree that it is a life changing product^ and ensures 100% stain protection^. You can enjoy the absorption of a pad with the fit of a panty for a 360 degree anti-leakage protection*. It soaks wetness for upto 12 hours*, making it the perfect choice of heavy flow period times.





Type Sanitary Pad
Size L/XL
Usage Type Disposable
Ideal Usage Heavy Period Flow, Maternity pads, 360 degree overnight & Day protection, Heavy night flow, 12-14 hours Protection
Wings Yes
Scented No
Net Quantity 10

In The Box

Sales Package One Pack Contains 10 Pcs. Panty
Number of Contents in Sales Package 10

Body Features

Core Anti-leak protection, Innovative design, Soft Cotton material, Deep absorbent core
Wing Features Panty like fit

Additional information

Pack of


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